webdesign training

hello all 

This is the course outline. It will be basically 8 weeks (60 hours), 5 days a week (7.5hours), 1.5 hour (90 minutes) class, specifically made for the ones who want to make it big in web 2.0.


In the whole course I’ll be teaching the best practices followed in the industry, talking more about the usability (Am one among the 3000 odd Certified Usability Analysts), Accessibility.


Front End Engineering (Price – 50K) – 60 Hours

  • ·         Introduction to Web designing basics (1 week – 7.5 hours)

o   Learning Photoshop

  • ·         Web Development Fundamentals (2 weeks – 15 hours)


  • ·         Advanced Web Development (4 weeks – 30 hours)

o   CSS, CSS3

o   Java Script, Jquery

o   Introduction to HTML5

  • ·         Dynamic Web Development and other Supportive stuff (1 week – 7.5 hours)

o   Basics PHP from Front end perspective

o   Load speed Optimization, Sprites, Code optimization and other techniques

o   Introduction to SEO & SEM

o   Introduction to popular CMS’s



ü  We’ll provide  Printed course materials.

ü  Each and every chapter are supported by many assignments.

ü  There will be assessments at the end of each modules

ü  Course Completion certificate and the assessment score card  will be given at the end of training.


About KinGKriS

With 16 years of web design and development experience, KriShne Gowda NL excels in training his students in coding best responsive websites.

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